Brand marketing

Boost sales with online marketing solutions

Create the website

  • Launch your online Marketing with a well-designed website.
  • Get access to customers by mobile cross-platform capability.
  • Share the website through different platform and get more direct bookings.
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Social media campaign

promote your brand in China market
  • Set up your profile page on the biggest search engine in China
  • Connect you with millions of potential guests on the largest social media platform
  • Brand campaign on the most popular instant masseging platform
  • Increase your brand visibility and bring you more traffic from search engines

Analytics and tracking

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Analytics and reports
Keep track of the performance upon each sales channel, make smart decisions.
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Reputation management
Monitor guests reviews from every online platforms and take immediate reaction towards positive or negative comments.
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Yield management
Help you analyze and adjust rates based on availability and market conditions. Maximize revenue across all sales channels.