Channel sales

One to all
Distribute your room via one account
and automatically connected with more channels
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Connection with top sales channels

  • Distribute your rooms to top sales channels automatically. No need to sign contracts with channels one by one.
  • Get bookings and manage reservations from all channels on WAKA, anytime and anywhere.
  • Cost you less commission rate at online channel end, you can also change the rate setting.

Real-time of inventory and rates updates

  • Synchronize inventory and rates to all sales channels. Immediately update inventory across all channels when a booking is made.
  • Get noticed and confirm room availability before accepting reservation. Avoid any risks of over-booking.
  • If any problem occurs, WAKA local language support teams are available 24x7 for you.
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Powerful financial management

  • Settlement conducted according to every reservation.
  • Receive payment before guests check-in.
  • Rates can be converted into different currencies for your convenience.
  • Generate detailed monthly financial report.